A Little Bit About Lost Cities

  As a child growing up in the Midwest I was fascinated with the different textures and patterns of rocks I would find on the ground. As I grew older I began to find arrowheads in local riverbeds that had long been left behind by the ancient native peoples of the area. Little did I know, these seemingly small fascinations would be the sparks of a lifelong love and appreciation for antique and ancient beads and adornments. Later, my husband and I traveled extensively in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and South America collecting items for our gallery location (also called Lost Cities) in Houston, Texas. Many years later our attention shifted to gem and gift shows around the country. We eventually settled in San Diego, California and opened Lost Cities Beads in 1999. We expanded our store collection to include exotic gemstone, unusual silver and gold findings and antique and ancient beads.
As the years went on we started having increasing requests for our visiting customers to be able to buy from us from their home. We opened our online store in December of 2011 and the rest is history!
Now, along with our wonderful staff, we are happy and honored to be able to share these treasures with you.

-Christina Blessing

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